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2 Outlandish Ways




by M. Le'Mont

I'm always looking for unusual ways to make money.

Here's the best I've seen on planet earth.  

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I discovered this business concept six months ago.

I got a phone call from a from a friend who
have the utmost respect for.  

He told me about a business concept
that I could make money whenever
I spend money.

That started my journey showing people how to
they're already spending.  

An International Business 
where you can get a piece of
every spending transaction in the world.

Imagine, someone right now buying groceries 
over in Hong Kong, and you making a small piece of
the transaction.  


What an ingenious idea.

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#2 Outlandish Way to Make Money 

How to Start an Employee Apartment Location Business

I stumbled into this business idea simply by accident.  

We wanted to reach out to an employee,
who had fallen on hard times.  

She was an exceptional employee always  on time, never
complained, and  always got the job done.  

A person you would do whatever you could to
retain as an employee.  She was living in a shelter with three kids. 

So we decided to negotiate a deal with one of the
Apartment complexes in the area for what we called ,
"The Employee Apartment Location Business" which
is an excellent way to retain employees.  

It's a tool that will lead to low employee turnover.

Since we knew that the employee had a low credit
score and would not get approved, we modified the
program to make sure it would work.

    7 Steps to Making Money in the Employee Apartment Location Business

1.  We put the lease in the corporation's name.

2.  The corporation was 100% responsible for the lease.

3.  We could sublease or use the apartment for temporary housing for our employees.

4.  We negotiated a referral fee of 50% of the first month's rent.  In this case the referral fee was $200.

5. The going rate in most states for apartment location fees is 50% to 100% of the monthly rent.

6.  As a margin of safety we charged the tenant a monthly administration fee of $100 over the current rent.

7.  The rent was payroll deducted every week from the employees check.

                                 Win-Win Situation

It was a win-win situation for the employee, the apartment complex and our company.

We have since expanded the program to 5 apartment leases and now make a nice monthly profit of over $500.00.

So if you are a small business with employees you can easily duplicate this program.

                   Here are a few important points to remember

- The tenants must be employees.  That's the key to the program.

- The rent must be payroll deducted on a weekly basis.

- If the employee leaves the company, the lease is automatically terminated.

- All repairs are the responsibility of the Apartment complex.

M. Le' Mont is a write, network marketer, and internet strategist, and IBO of 14 websites.

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