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100,000 Reasons


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                         100,000 Reasons Why 

by M. Le'Mont

Congratulations -100,000 US members and growing rapidly!

It took 3 years for the company to hit the mark and
now the game changes. 2 minutes  VIEWITNOW

With proper systems in place, it only
gets BIGGER and BETTER from here.

Look for the company to Explode in the next several years.

Free Membership. Loyalty Program. Global market. 45 countries.

It's a formula for exponential GROWTH!    

Network marketing companies usually go through 4
stages of growth

It's in these stages where  25% of the real wealth 
potential is generated. 

Foundation stage (early pioneers),  First stage 100,000,  
Second stage 200,000, Third stage 400,000, Fourth Stage 1 MILLION
Members who enter during these stages are likely to build 
an incredible income that lasts for generations to come.

When a company hits 100,000 members it's the first stage of  
critical mass and things begin to change drastically.

It’s a  psychological moment where the company
gains constant

The company becomes self sustaining without being
pushed or

Like a snowball rolling down a hill, it gets BIGGER,
with each roll.    


Companies that offer a  "Free" product or service tend to
explode  much faster.

Expect growth to soar over the next few years.

By 2020 the company expects to have 50 million US members
and 350 million members worldwide.

How important is timing?

When I joined in February my Member# was in the
40,000 range,
I thought I 
was late compared to a friend
whose Member# was under 3,000 a year

But I was in the Foundation stage, the most challenging
stage of all, and I built a team of 152 members in 8 months.   

Think about someone who joins later as member# ONE MILLION.

What if it's true and it turns out to be another Amway,
Mary Kay, or Herbal Life, the early pioneers bought
yachts, and created  legacy money for their children.

It certainly wouldn't be a happy feeling to miss out.

The best time to board a plane is when it's on the ground.

It's your place... your time, so make the best of it.

If you want an opportunity that is a real potential wealth
generator then VIEWITNOW.

We do not sell, distribute, or share information.

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